An Ode to Tea

It is amazing how versatile you can be with tea. You can ice it, spice it, cream it, punch it and even eat it. You can lose weight with it you can gain too. But always, you drink your health with it.

Tea has magical powers. Tea consoles the lonely and unites the sociable. Tea stimulates in hot countries and heats the body in colder climates. Tea can alleviate or heal ailments of the body and the soul. Tea drinking is much faceted pleasure: it can cause us to dream, sharpen our minds, relax us, let us forget time and place, and heal our body, mind and soul. The ceremony of tea drinking is associated with warmth, pleasant fragrances and comfort. Tea seduces the senses. In these days of stress and hurry, more and more of us seek peace and contemplation in a cup of tea. The use of tea in the contemplative life has been prevalent among the sages of the East, the physicians of Arabia, the priests of ancient Egypt, the Shamans of the North American Indians and of the rain forests, and the wise women of Europe. From the beginning, tea has served not just as a beverage but also as medicine. And tea carries with it the philosophy of all those who have brewed it and prescribed it. For these reasons, teas made of magic herbs offer a very special form of pleasure. They are messengers from the place of their origin and they tell us about history, lost civilizations, unknown cultures, forgotten customs, women's lore, erotica and exotica.

In modern times when work stress is high, Tea has appeared as a Mother Drink of Solace. Being recognized as a health drink it helps reduce mental stress, helps alleviate coronary problems, enhances skin complexion, improves hair glow, digestive system, strengthens nervous system and recharges your adrenaline.

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