About My Tea House

A Place to Stimulate Your Mind, Rejuvenate Your Body and Elevate Your Soul

Born out of passion and driven by irrepressible sense of entrepreneurship, My Tea House has been conceptualized by an academician after several years of research into cultural as well as medicinal aspects of Tea. As part of his academic pursuits he completed his Ph.D in International Studies from the Jawaharlal Nehru University. Fifteen years ago he made Bangalore his home. Currently, he runs a B-School, the Institute of Business Management & Technology established in Bangalore. During his younger student days he lived in Japan for several years. While living in Japan and attracted by the ‘Japanese Tea Ceremony’ he came to appreciate the cultural dimensions of Tea. Since then he has been exploring the place of Tea in cultures around the world. He himself is an avid tea connoisseur. Currently he is a guiding force to our Management Team Mr. Shashank rawat(Dir), and Mr. PD dwivedi(Dir), headed by himself(dir)

My Tea House has been designed to capture this unity in diversity. My Tea House serves all the world's teas under one roof providing rich cultural experience with variety of flavours. Reflecting multitude of cultures, tea is prepared and served in the way it is done in a given culture using the original methodology, tools and implements.

In eastern societies of China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan etc Tea Houses are an integral part of cultural life. Over the centuries these Tea Houses have come to acquire an aura of sophistication and elitism. Traditional Tea Houses are a rarity. But ever since the modern researchers have discovered the medicinal value of Tea, it has acquired a new dimension.

Although India is one of the largest tea producers in the world but we do not have any such tradition of Tea Houses, Tea Rooms or Tea Lounges. In India tea has been associated with dhaba culture. My Tea House is intended to initiate a new culture of Tea drinking in India. My Tea House organises special lectures and demo sessions show casing Tea ceremonies and rituals representing different cultural values.

4th Phase, 7th Block, Banashankari III Stage, 293, 100Ft Ring Road, Bangalore, Karnataka 560085 ~ Ph : (080) 6597 5430
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